Diana F+ : Build Your Shot

An on-brand fixture concept for the Diana F+ camera.

With more than 25 pieces, from camera  back + mask + lens + accessories, the 1960's cult camera, Diana F+, can have an intimidating effect. To aid users in understanding the endless possibilities, the in-store kiosk 'Build Your Shot' is proposed.
On one side of the display, customers begin to build their shot by uploading or selecting a stock image. As the camera back, mask, lens and accessories are chosen, the image updates to show the resulting effect Diana F+ creates. Every customer enjoys a parting token, therefore the display is equipped with  a custom printer.
The reserve side is also interactive; allowing for use by multiple customers at the same time. The main screen shows scrolling images of previous customers' creations. By clicking on an image of interest, a new screen shows the setup for how the shot was built.
Inspiration spread.
Concept work.
Concept work.
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