** This project was selected to represent The Sketchbook Project as part of the 'Brother Can You Spare a Stack' exhibition at the Center for Book Arts in New York (January 18 - March 30) ** 2012 submission to the Sketchbook Project.

This project was about exploring patterns through numbers. It progresses from a single dotted grid, to a rounded, eight-sided shape. Through the medium of paper and thread, some boundaries and limitations were naturally defined. Early pages show great variation while utilizing strict geometry. However, the final pattern revealed the possibility of combining geometry to create smoother edges. The binding technique allowed for the rough lines of stitching to hide between the pages. Appearing subtly at first, the cover of the book shows the title of the piece, I II III IV V VI VII VII.
Thread depicting the title of this piece. For longevity, the thread was sealed with off-white acrylic paint.
To Self Motivation - Jan. 2012
The celebration of meeting my first deadline since graduation from architecture school.
I : Dot Pattern
II : Line Pattern
III : Three-sided Pattern
IV : Four-sided Pattern
V : Five-sided Pattern
VI : Six-sided Pattern
VII : Seven-sided Pattern
VIII : Eight-sided Pattern
Top Detail
Side Detail
Side Detail
Cover Detail
Dedication Detail
Upper-right corner of spread.
Upper-right corner.
Right, center of spread.
Right, center of spread.
Left, center.
Left, center of spread.
Process Sketches.
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