Roos/DesLauriers Wedding Suite

A wedding invitation.

This wedding invitation was designed for my marriage to my sweet husband, Nick. We quickly identified a theme of vintage books with a touch of whimsy. Knowing that this would be a DIY project from start to finish, the home printing on cream-colored, tea-stained paper fit well with the overall style. To help call out the book connection, the envelope interior was dressed with pages from our favorite classic novels. Throughout the book, a change in font calls out personal touches intended to evoke a chuckle or two from the guest. Looking for a clean and simple way to bind the book, each invitation was sewn with the wedding colors. The simple heart motif on the cover was inspired by our Scandinavian roots.
Wedding booklet with hand-stitched binding 8.5 x 3.6
Detail showing the open booklet.
The custom, hand-cut envelope opens flat.
Dinner options with hand-drawn illustrations.
Detail showing tea-stained paper. Mason jars, mugs and foreign coins were used to add texture.
Each page took on a look of its own.
Personal touches from Nick and myself. (3. "because let's be honest - this is going to be along night of celebrating and many of you will be celebrating enough for you and your neighbor...")
Reply card with Scantron style bubbles. The post card was scored for easy removal. All icons correlate to relevant information from different sections of the booklet.
Process sketches.
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